This Big Brand is About to Steal our Springs

You may have heard of Nestle.

They’re the worldwide brand that you see pretty much each time you stop at a vending machine. They make iced tea, chocolate milk, instant coffee, bottled water, and tons of other bottled beverages.

And in order to keep churning out this boatload of bottled beverages, they need a never-ending supply of their key ingredient: Water.

The problem is, water is not an infinite resource. In fact, only a super small fraction of water can be used by humans. Fresh, clean, drinkable water is found in places like ponds, streams, and springs.

Springs a lot like the blue, crystal clear Ginnie Springs in central Florida.

Mist rising in the morning off Ginnie Spring.

Mist rising in the morning off Ginnie Springs. Photograph: Susanne Masters

THE GUARDIAN/Richard Luscombe

Well, Nestle just announced that they plan on draining over 1.1 MILLION gallons of water from Ginnie Springs per DAY in order to supply their factories. That amount of water would overflow a pool the size of a football field and 50 feet deep. Conservationists are considerably confident that the Springs cannot handle such a drastic draw.   

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Ginnie Springs are already a super fragile ecosystem.

More: The greater the amount Nestle produces, the greater the amount of plastic ends up in the environment, specifically in the oceans. This causes millions of marine life deaths every year.

Image result for plastic in the sea turtle

Jordi Chias/National Geographic)

Luckily, there are ways we can fight back against this attack on our environment.

  1. Educate Yourself

You can learn more about this issue from news articles and official sources and educate friends and family on all the details. The more people know about how serious the crisis is, the more that can be done to help.

This article gives a lot of information about this issue.

This guide outlines more of Nestle's activities and how you can get local government on our side.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To actually have a real-world impact, you’re going to have to back up your words with action. Some people call this putting your money where your mouth is…

Others call it ‘walking the walk’.

Whichever way you want to call it, recycling is a key way to reduce the impact of companies polluting our environment. Reducing your use of plastic bottles and purchases from brands such as Nestle will also help to make it so Nestle doesn’t have to go to local springs to drain massive amounts of water.

And, you can purchase products that use recycled products. These products actually play a role in taking plastics and waste out of our oceans.

Our newest reusable straw bracelet does just that.

You can put yourself on the frontline in this battle to save our environment.

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